Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits

By Benjamin Radford || Price: $19.95

This book presents a combination of the excitement and emotional tingle typically provided by ghost stories, a critical analysis of the reliability and scientific value of such accounts, an explanation of how ghost experiences can occur even if ghosts do not exist, and a prescription for how any future ghost research should properly be conducted. The author is an open-minded skeptic on the subject, and ghost hunter and skeptic alike will learn from his clear-headed analysis. This book is highly recommended both for anyone with a serious interest in ghostly phenomena and for readers who simply enjoy reading about ghosts.

--Prof. James Alcock, PhD, Department of Psychology, York University


Ghosts have fascinated and haunted us for millennia. They appear in our campfire tales, films, books, and television shows as well as in our dreams and nightmares. Despite widespread belief in spirits—and the popularity of television ghost hunting shows—scientific evidence for them remains elusive. Based on nearly twenty years of first-hand, science-based investigations and research, Investigating Ghosts will entertain and educate skeptics and true believers alike, separating fact from fiction about this timeless mystery.

Topics include:

  • Guidelines for scientifically investigating ghost reports
  • Analyzing photographic, audio, and video evidence
  • Ghost hunting equipment: What works, what doesn’t, and why
  • In-depth case studies of solved ghost investigations

Chapter 1: Brief History of Ghost Investigation
Chapter 2: Investigation Guidelines Summary
Chapter 3: Phenomenology of Ghosts
Chapter 4: Applying Science to Ghost Investigations
Chapter 5: Ghost Hunting Equipment

Chapter 6: Ghosts on Film and Video
Chapter 7: Ghosts on Audio
Chapter 8: Ghosts in Print
Chapter 9: Psychology of the Ghost Experience

Chapter 10: Film and Video Cases
Chapter 11: Fort George: Canada Most Haunted Place
Chapter 12: Sarah Ann: Fort George Most Famous Ghost
Conclusion and Further Reading

Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries

By Benjamin Radford || Price: $16.95

With contributions by James Randi, Joe Nickell, Martin Gardner, Susan Blackmore, Ray Hyman, David Clarke, David E. Thomas, Richard Wiseman, Karen Stollznow, James Underdown, Daniel Loxton, Gary P. Posner, Massimo Polidoro and Blake Smith.

What is it like to travel the world investigating the paranormal? To not just sit back and wonder about the world's famous unexplained mysteries, but actually go out and solve them? To investigate haunted houses, searching for evidence of ghosts and spirits? To search the world's lakes for giant, fearsome monsters? To investigate - and create - the mysterious phenomena of crop circles? To talk to people who speak to the dead, solve crimes for police, or use ESP?

Scientific Paranormal Investigation is the first book to give the public an inside look at the life, methods, and work of a real-life scientific paranormal investigator. The author has pursued "unexplained" phenomena for over twelve years - not just read or written about them, but actually gone out to see what's there. In a nutshell, Scientific Paranormal Investigation is the literary equivalent of The X-Files meets CSI: Crime Scene Investigations: applying scientific methods and principles to real-life mysteries, and coming up with explanations when it seems none are possible.


Chapter 1: Understanding the Paranormal and Skepticism
Chapter 2: The Psychology of the Paranormal
Chapter 3: Investigation Principles and Guidelines
Chapter 4: How Not to Investigate the Paranormal:
Chapter 5: The Demonic Ghost House of Buffalo
Chapter 6: The Psychic and the Serial Killer
Chapter 7: Riddle of the Crop Circles
Chapter 8: Ogopogo, the Bloodthirsty Lake Monster
Chapter 9: The Mysterious Santa Fe Courthouse Ghost
Chapter 10: The Amazing Lee B., Remote Viewer
Chapter 11: The Mysterious Pokémon Panic
Chapter 12: The White Witch of Rose Hall
Chapter 13: Slaying the Vampire

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The Wild West Never Died: True Crime Tales of 20th Century New Mexico

By Jack Kutz || Price: $12.95

Legendary outlaws have stalked the byways and backcountry of the Southwest since before desperadoes like Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy terrorized the Territories.

They still do.

The 1800s were rightly labeled "The Wild West" but the gruesome crime waves rolled on beyond Statehood for the western territories. Twentieth Century New Mexico was ravaged by outlandish, brazen criminals, sometimes with the protection of public officials. Each decade of the 20th Century experienced lurid, gory murders which to this day remain unsolved. Dark deeds in this sunny land have gone unpunished, like the brutal killer of Las Cruces's Cricket Coogler in 1949 and the serial killer of 11 women found on Albuquerque's West Side in 2009.

Chapter 1: Arthur Manby: On Whose Face Was The Starving Dog Chewing?
Chapter 2: Laura & George Lorius: People Don't Just Vanish… Do They?
Chapter 3: Cricket Coogler: Shallow Grave for a Honky-Tonk Girl
Chapter 4: Spider Heisler, James Upton, David Nelson: Death Got His Kicks on Route 66
Chapter 5: Homer Gossett: Hell Behind the Big House Walls
Chapter 6: John Bostrom: "The Only Person He Ever Hurt Was Himself"
Chapter 7: Terry Seaton: "I Never Left Miss Lacy's Bed"
Chapter 8: Los Vagos Motorcycle Gang: The Luck of the Vagos
Chapter 9: William Wayne Gilbert: Mad Dogs on the Run
Chapter 10: Officer Phil Chacon: Van Robinson, Not Guilty
Chapter 11: Diazien Hossencofft: The Interplanetary Murder Conspiracy

The Chaco Coal Scandal: The People's Victory Over James Watt

By Jeff Radford || Price: $8.00

The inside story of corruption and fraud in the U.S. Department of the Interior during the over-zealous reign of Interior Secretary James Watt. The book by a former Interior Department official was praised by The Washington Post: "This is a tart account of scandal in high places and of successful citizens opposition to federal policies that ignore their wishes. [It is] the story of citizen resistance to the department's attempted leasing of coal deposits in the Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico. Among the actors in this contemporary morality play were traditional Navajos, who battled to save their land from the insults of strip-mining; the Government Accounting Office, which charged the department with leasing publicly-owned coal for a fraction of its real value [and] James Watt, the man every conservationist loved to hate."

New Mexico's Chaco region, in the energy-rich Four Corners Area, is the home of more than 22,000 traditional Navajo Indians adamantly opposed to strip mining their land. The Chaco is also the center of a now-vanished prehistoric civilization whose spectacular masterplanned cities and engineered roads were only recently discovered.

It is here that the U.S. public owns more than 30 billion tons of coal under a semi-desert landscape that the National Academy of Sciences warns it may become a "national sacrifice area" through indiscriminate strip mining.

Chapter 1: How the Public Thwarted James Watt
Chapter 2: Plain Facts in the "Incredibly Complex" San Juan Basin
Chapter 3: Strip Mining Navajo Lands
Chapter 4: Profiteering on the Public Lands
Chapter 5: But the Public Expresses its "Public Interest"
Chapter 6: A Planned Disaster
Chapter 7: Watt's Giveaway
Chapter 8: Changing the Regulations and Hiding from the Public
Chapter 9: Land Grab for a Power Plant
Chapter 10: Gateway Mine: Destruction to Make a Point
Chapter 11: Democracy at Work
Chapter 12: Crackdown at Interior
Chapter 13: The Coal Program Rolls On
Chapter 14: Battles Still Ahead

Mysteries and Miracles of Arizona: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Grand Canyon State

With detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in Arizona

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Discover the power of the mysterious Sedona Vortexes… the lost gold mines… the curse of the Superstition Mountains, where headless bodies were still being found in the 1960s. Decipher ancient writings on Roman swords unearthed outside Phoenix. Read the extraordinary experiences of Padre Kino and Sister Maria de Jesus, whose life-story was suppressed by the Franciscan Order. Feel the tragedy of the lone wolves who defied all odds to roam free. Relive the five-day UFO abduction of Travis Walton in 1975. Visit the Dancing Ghost of Coal Mine Canyon.


Chapter 1: Roman Swords on Silverbell Road
Chapter 2: Curse of the Superstition Mountains
Chapter 3: Padre Kino and the Blue Maiden from the Sky
Chapter 4: Mysteries of the Hopis
Chapter 5: Sojourns Through the Evil Way
Chapter 6: Massacre at Wickenburg
Chapter 7: Mysteries of the Grand Canyon
Chapter 8: Last of the Mystic Lone Wolves
Chapter 9: John Lee's Gold
Chapter 10: Secret of the Bisbee Maze
Chapter 11: "I Shall Kill Them All But One!"
Chapter 12: Close Encounters at Snowflake
Chapter 13: New Age Magic in Sedona
Chapter 14: Flying Lizards and Dancing Ghosts

Mysteries and Miracles of California: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Golden State

With detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in California

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Discover floating boulders in Racetrack Playa. Visit the macabre mansion of the heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. Meet the ghosts of John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Buster Keaton. Learn the secrets of the Cahuillas Fire Eaters. Decipher the Sleeping Giant's messages etched into the desert. Explore skeleton-stacked Moaning Cavern. Re-live the 1952 UFO flight of George Adamski. Join the search for the Borrego Badland's Black Gold nuggets. Solve the mystery of the 1997 Heaven's Gate Hale-Bopp Comet suicide cult.


Chapter 1: Enigmas of the California Deserts
Chapter 2: Mrs. Winchester's Macabre Mansion
Chapter 3: A Ghostly Tour of Haunted Hotels
Chapter 4: Ghosts of the Movie Stars
Chapter 5: Reincarnation in Hollywood
Chapter 6: Dastardly Deeds in Old San Francisco
Chapter 7: California Duelin'
Chapter 8: "This Whole Damn Town is Haunted!"
Chapter 9: The Fire Eaters of the Cahuillas
Chapter 10: The Search for Pegleg's Black Gold
Chapter 11: Close Encounters —California Style
Chapter 12: George Adamski and His Space Brother
Chapter 13: Knockin' on Heaven's Gate
Chapter 14: Caves of Mystery, Beauty and Horror

Mysteries and Miracles of Colorado: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Rocky Mountain State detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in Colorado

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Discover the fantastic tales of lost treasure, cursed mines and Colorado's Great Diamond Hoax. Visit the high-country cemeteries where unexplainable ghost lights dance among the tombstones. Explore the past lives of Bridey Murphy, the 19th century Irish girl reincarnated as a Colorado housewife. Decipher the ancient message on the unearthed Granby Idol. Trace the footsteps of the infamous cannibal, Alferd Packer. Judge the evidence —and cover-ups— in the University of Colorado's 1966 investigation into the origin of UFOs.


Chapter 1: The Mysterious Granby Idol
Chapter 2: The Lives of Bridey Murphy
Chapter 3: Haunted Places, Ghostly Traces
Chapter 4: The Orneriest Ghost in Denver
Chapter 5: Alferd Packer's Ghastly Ordeal
Chapter 6: The Great Colorado Diamond Hoax
Chapter 7: Felipe Espinosa's Reign of Terror
Chapter 8: "You Can't Trust Anybody Nowadays"
Chapter 9: Treasures Lost and Found
Chapter 10: The Official Investigation of UFOs
Chapter 11: The Bizarre Death of Snippy the Horse
Chapter 12: Dark Nights and Phantom Flights
Chapter 13: "Something Really Scary Is Going On!"
Chapter 14: Famous High Country Spook Lights


Mysteries and Miracles of New Mexico: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Land of Enchantment

With detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in New Mexico

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Discover the haunted mesas... the eerie, bloodthirsty canyons... the scorching wastelands holding incredible buried treasure. Decipher the ancient Greek message carved in stone at Hidden Mountain. Read documented accounts of the repeated resurrections of Padre Padilla, first buried in 1765. Trace the epic journeys of Lozen, the Apache's mystic woman warrior. Marvel at the mysteries of the lost Anasazi Civilization. Relive the visit by space aliens during and after the spectacular "Roswell Incident" which government officials say never happened. Judge the evidence on the recent, bizarre cattle mutilations.


Chapter 1: New Mexico's Mystery Rock
Chapter 2: Katzimo, the Enchanted Mesa
Chapter 3: Search for the Lost Adams Diggings
Chapter 4: Flight of the Stone Lion
Chapter 5: The Blessed Earth of Chimayo
Chapter 6: Miracles of Old Santa Fe
Chapter 7: Ambushes in Dog Canyon
Chapter 8: Open Doors to the Spirit World
Chapter 9: New Mexico Witches Ride Fireballs
Chapter 10: Billy the Kid's Escape from the Grave
Chapter 11: Ten Million Bucks in the Bootheel
Chapter 12: Mysteries of the Anasazi
Chapter 13: Lozen: Woman Warrior of Magical Powers
Chapter 14: The Story of the Apache Kid
Chapter 15: Space Travelers' Rendezvous
Chapter 16: Galactic Pitstop in Socorro
Chapter 17: Bizarre Cattle Mutilations


More Mysteries and Miracles of New Mexico: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Land of Enchantment

With detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in New Mexico

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Unravel the evidence on the infamous Taos Hum. Learn how a Nambe home was rid of its ghost in 1990. Decide for yourself whose head was eaten in Arthur Manby's mansion. Decipher the ancient warning of elephants near Farmington. Ponder reports of an alien laboratory inside a mountain near Dulce. Re-live the never-ending search for the Treasure of Victorio Peak. Assess new evidence on the Roswell UFO crash. Discover the dark secret of Pecos Pueblo's riches and what terrorized its people.


Chapter 1: "There's Something in My House!"
Chapter 2: Mystery Rock: The Controversy Continues
Chapter 3: "Drive Away the Elephant"
Chapter 4: Gallup Catches a Falling Star
Chapter 5: Mysteries of El Malpais
Chapter 6: Who Killed Pat Garrett?
Chapter 7: Wonders of Pottery Mound
Chapter 8: When the Kokopelli Roamed
Chapter 9: Did Arthur Manby Lose His Head?
Chapter 10: The Infernal Taos Hum
Chapter 11: The Fire and The Serpent
Chapter 12: Hermit Peak's Mystic Cave Dweller
Chapter 13: Treasure of Victorio Peak
Chapter 14: Roswell: The Jury's Still Out
Chapter 15: Dulce & The Doorway in the Sky

Mysteries and Miracles of Texas: Guide Book to the Genuinely Bizarre in the Lone Star State

With detailed directions for visiting some of the strangest places in Texas

By Jack Kutz || Price: $9.95

Discover the mysteries of the famous Marfa Lights, those eerie balls of light that have baffled Texans for centuries. Decipher the strange symbols on the Spider Rock with its webs throughout Callahan Country. Dream about the fabulous treasures washed onto Padre Island from wrecked Spanish galleons. Learn about the haunted crags of the Chisos Mountains. Marvel at the Mystery Tablets of Big Bend. Judge the evidence on the 1967 crash of a UFO near Lake Travis.


Chapter 1: The Spook Lights of Marfa
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Spider Rock
Chapter 3: The Ghosts of Texas Are Upon You
Chapter 4: The Haunted Crags of the Chisos
Chapter 5: Big Bend's Mystery Tablet
Chapter 6: Ghost Birds and Moth Men
Chapter 7: Witchcraft: Black and White
Chapter 8: Madstone Magic
Chapter 9: Secrets of the Monahans Sandhills
Chapter 10: UFOs at Night Are Big and Bright...
Chapter 11: Santa Ana's Lost Payroll
Chapter 12: One Arm, A Six-Gun and A Badge
Chapter 13: Who Killed Belle Star?
Chapter 14: Amazing Treasures of Padre Island

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